LightBe Global – Solar PAYGo Solutions for Nigeria


Families lack access to grid electricity


Use dangerous, high-cost kerosene, diesel or petrol generators


Families income spend on kerosene lighting

LightBe Global (LBG) is a PAYGo Solar company providing reliable, affordable and environmental solar solutions for off-grid areas. We commit ourselves to improve the life of people who lack electricity.

In Nigeria alone, over 100 million people don’t have regular access to electricity.
“Our number one competitor here is a diesel generator, but we’re offering much cleaner and safer value at a better cost.”
Ron Margalit
Lumos Global

Already Relatively Small Solar Systems Can Actually Replace Generators

Access to Energy Initiative, a non-profit research company studying the size of solar systems necessary to replace generators in Nigeria, found that 93% of all generators could be replaced with 500w solar systems and energy efficient LED light bulbs.

LightBe Global provides these systems and others that can reduce costs and provide clean and safe energy for homes and small businesses throughout Nigeria.

Fuel Generators, Not Only Dirty And Loud But Also Expensive

According to A2EI data, on average, customers are spending over $47 USD per month, just for fuel. Over a two year period, this amounts to over $1,100 USD (this does not include generator maintenance or purchase price).



Polluting Generators


Average Monthly Cost for Diesel


Generator Cost/year

Economically Vital MSMEs

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are a vital part of the Nigerian economy as they contribute over fifty percent of the Nation’s GDP. Reliable electricity from solar-PV systems is significant in increasing the productivity and income of small businesses in Nigeria.

Families lack access to grid electricity


MSME Contribution to Nation's GDP


LightBe Global’s coverage of all generators

"We expect the Nigerian market to explode; this could be the next revolution after mobile phones. There is so much appetite, and sales have taken off despite the economic crisis.”
Allwell Okechukwu Nwankwo
Lighting Global Nigeria

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: "LightBe Global LTD Bringing Electricity Through Solar Home System"

Originally broadcast on "Radio Nigeria"

BENUE: USA Assisted Solar Power Excites Monarchs

Traditional rulers in Gwer -East Local Government Area of Benue State have urged Governor Samuel Ortom, to provide support for Lightbe Global for the benefit of the rural populace.

Lightbe Global Limited is sponsored by United States based investors with the aim of bringing light to the door step of Nigerian homes and offices through solar energy systems.

Thousands of direct jobs are expected to be created, with the technology.
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